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Palm cultivation is mainly done in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. At present Palm oil or Palmolein plays supplementary role with nutritional and health impact.

It can meet the essential fatty acid requirement of major segment of the population. Several minor components of Ruchi Gold like carotenoids and tocols can act as antioxidants with beneficial effects.

It is rich in vitamin A and contains antioxidant vitamin E, which plays a potential role in inhibiting the cellular aging, athriscelorosis and cancer. Palm oil triglycerides carry Linoleic acid, which favours absorption and is readily available for body use.

Ruchi Gold is prepared from fruits of palm that is why it is physically and chemically different and less saturated than other palm oils which are derived from seeds and coconut oil which are highly saturated. Ruchi Gold contains lauric acids and myristic acid which leads to decrease plasma and LDL cholesterol.

It is protective of HDL-cholesterol and produces liver LDL receptors which removes harmful LDL cholesterol from blood. Experiments show that it inhibits effects of induced breast cancer.

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